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Counting Scales for Precision and Speed from Midland Scales

Precision and speed are two qualities which are often demanded in many workplaces, with both often needed simultaneously. The counting of parts, goods, pieces and other small items which may be tricky to handle or easy to mix up can be one process where precision and speed are hard to achieve, especially when the task is being carried out manually. Now ubiquitous in many industries including retail, warehousing and even the medical field, counting scales are a fast and accurate way of calculating just how many items are present, even if there are large quantities.

The premise of the counting scale system is thus; operators must first calculate the weight of one of the items they would like to count. This could be a pin, a bead, a coin, a screw or any number of other units. Once the weight of a single item has been calculated, the scale can be loaded with the full amount in order for them to be counted. The weight of the items placed on the scale is divided by the original weight of one unit in order to calculate the overall quantity. The simple function can reduce the need for arduous manual counting tasks and offer a higher level of precision; human error is eliminated and results are easily and quickly recorded.

The Kern CCS60K0.1L Counting Scale System contains everything necessary to immediately cut out counting by hand, including a high accuracy counting scale and a large separate base which offers a much bigger weighing surface. The scales can calculate the individual weights of loads up to 6kg, while the separate base offers a weighing capacity of up to 60kg, all with complete accuracy in counting the individual units. Added functions to improve ease of use include visual and acoustic signals which indicate target weights have been achieved, or when the total weight has exceeded a given target. The weighing platform itself is stainless steel for durability and the entire unit weighs just 3.8kg, making it perfect for transporting around the workplace easily.

Counting scales are also available with printers so that workplaces have accurate and lasting records of weights and units, or the capacity to print labels quickly and easily. The Marsden Digi DC788 with a TVP1000 Printer is one of the most accurate counting scales of its class and comes with the added benefit of a direct thermal label printer. The scales and the printer are mains powered so they can form the key pieces of equipment within a dedicated weighing and counting station in a workplace. The display on the scales indicates everything that could be of use to a company; net weight, gross weight, piece weight and the number of total pieces, ensuring thorough and accurate print-outs.


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