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New Salter Weigh Beams Now In Stock

Midland Scales have recently added a brand new weigh beam to their extensive range of scales and weighing apparatus. The Salter Brecknell WB521-5000 Weigh Beams are a portable and practical alternative to traditional static weighing scales, and they can revolutionise the way weighing processes are carried out within the workplace.

Weigh beams are primarily used in areas of restricted space or when items are large, cumbersome or awkwardly shaped. These factors can prevent items from being weighed properly when using static weighing scales or weighing scale pallet trucks. The Salter heavy-duty weigh beams with 5000kg capacity are highly portable and can be brought in to weigh anything from long lengths of pipe to unwieldy loads that would take a long time to transport to the nearest set of stationary scales.

A large number of industrial workplaces such as factories, warehouses, docks, building sites and distribution centres rely hugely on having efficient and cost-effective weighing systems. When deliveries are taken or goods are ordered, they often need to be weighed and their vital statistics logged before they can be put to use. Working environments which double as storage facilities must also take great care in weighing every delivery, as their transportation methods and shelving units will only have a certain capacity and it is vital not to overload them. Weigh beams are a lightweight and portable way to quickly weigh all incoming or outgoing goods within a workplace, even when there are space limitations.

The Salter beams now available from Midland Scales come completely pre-calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box. Every aspect of their design is geared towards ease of use, even down to the 1-inch high digits on the high-visibility LCD displays. The display unit and the beamsí power is garnered from mains rechargeable batteries, which mean that when fully charged, there are no wires to become entangled or restrict their functionality. Their individual weight is just 16.5kg, with the head unit weighing 4kg, giving a total weight of 37kg. They can easily be lifted and moved by any member of the workforce.

As expected of all equipment which will be used in such heavy-duty environments, the beams are constructed from hardwearing and durable materials. Robust and with a waterproof display head unit, they are capable of withstanding the tough conditions often thrown at them in factories, warehouses and even environments like docks or areas where chemicals are frequently used. The stainless steel head unit is powder coated to protect from rust and corrosion.


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